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tv   Today  NBC  November 18, 2015 10:00am-11:00am CST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. well, well, well. >> it is winesday wednesday and november 18th, and this is "i feel good" and we feel better. and onef of the fans was sure feeling good when she took her on a cruise for her birthday. >> yes. >> and can we get to that lateer, but what is this? >> we are surrounded by hunks. first time on national el television? >> yes. >> okay. >> if you open up "people" magazine -- >> four virgins. >> if you en up "people"
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magazine and page throughis ex sexiest men of tinder. >> nick. >> adam. >> james. >> james from baltimore. >> and you are on tinder the swipe and dating app? >> yes. >> and you are on there? >> yes. pretty good. >> well, it will be now. >> and you like vin ihu u prepared. >> if he drips a drop. yes, please. >> we'd love some, please. thank you. >> look at how sweet. >> don't shake, and dam, it is going to be fine. >> and thank you very much. >> there you go. he didn't drip a drop. >> okay, thank you. thank you, you guys. very much, and cheers to you and congrats on the honor. >> we won't share. >> well, you guys can lick the -- yeah.
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>> let me give you some, what the heck. >> you think that they are of age. how old are you, and dam? 34. thank you. >> wow. okay. share a that, okay. thank you, guys. congratulations on being the sexiest men of tinder and there is a whole spread inside and we thought that we would bring some eye candy. >> do you feel exploited? >> not too bad. >> i like it. >> they don't want to leave. >> all right. guys. >> time to go, guys. >> who's the dancer. >> adam, show them your stuff, he is the dancer e. >> good-bye, guys. >> you are too cute. >> we were supposed to swipe them away. >> but that seems rude. >> and by the way, here is the sexiest man alive according to "people" magazine and it is david beckham. he is very fine. all right. he he is on the cover. and, that's it.
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>> i would have pick eded lou manfredini. >> of course you would have. and this is the favorite section. the sexiest men with pets. >> not playmate pets. >> no, like -- do you have them out, because they are not marked in here. oh, my god, john legend with his -- >> that is a bulldog. >> and dennis quaid with his dog. hey, those are hot dogs, and everybody seems to have those, right? >> yes, that is what i was thinking, that is a hot dog. and by the way, may say thank you to lift it up again, because these are halfway sold out already. we sold 1,400 of these yesterday. >> of course you did. >> all of thta salvation my. a and if you want them, go get them today at good gifts and the money all goes to a very good cause >> and according to the hottest men, you know who the fittest
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man of 2015 is? >> who is it? >> idris elba. >> he sis in "luther" and "avengers." and people are buzzing about him when it comes to bond movies. would you like some words of wisdom? >> i need them to tai >thi music you either forget everything or remember everything. right. >> please. i am trying to put it together. >> all right. >> with the right music, you ooet either forget everything -- >> because yso happy. >> or it reminds you of everything. >> and you want to scream in the case of your music and i want to run out the door. they left out tt thing. >> you will love this, because adele last night was in concert at radio city, guys. this is her arriving. she was spectacular. okay. >> yes. >> it has been four years since
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on the stage, an shed she said, thank you guys for waiting for me while i had the baby. and talking about being up on stage she said, i'm so scared because i can feel my heart beating, but i love you, but i am frightened of you. i love you. >> and you could tell it was not rehearsed. >> and she took the shoes off, and she talked about her sweet boyfriend and anyway, it is all pat one-hour special of adele singing. and it is going to be -- >> "adele live in new york." >> it is one of those nights. >> i am glad that you got to go. and i had a great night last night rare, rare night, and i went to our friend geoffrey zakarian's international opening in greenwich, connecticut, and i went with friend, and there is geoffry, and the food is delicious and unusual and affordableer and they have my stuff stuff. >> of course, they do.
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a delicius a i want to wish him and his beautiful wife margaret with the best of success there. and good eating. >> and a lot of people know the song by carly simon "you're so vain." and people wanted to know who it was that she was talking about. >> and she finally revealed it. she told it to "people" magazine. >> and she said that one of verses is about warren beatty, but he probably thinks that the whole thing is about him. >> let's hear a verse. years ago when i was quite naive when you said that we made such a pretty pair and that you would never leave but you gave away the things you love and one of them was me
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and there were clouds in my coffee they were clouds in my coffee >> and she says that the two other verseswtmen. >> who could they be? >> mick jag, jack nicholson, kris kristofferson. >> wow. she has a lot of people. >> and yes. >> and oh, my gosh. >> anybody but frank gifford. >> and if you have been on a date with someone, and you know notice that the man that you are eating with eats at lot, he is really pigging out when he is with you shgs, that means that he likes you, according to aw t mrlis. he eats, the more he likes. >> i don't like to see somebody stuff a bunch of food in their face. i can't watch those hot dog things at macy's. that is a turnoff. >> turnoff. but when a man feels comfortable, and feels like -- >> i like to enjoy a meal, but i
10:08 am
don't want to go to appebee's buffet and nothing wrong with that, but going back three times. >> iat less when i like someone, because you don't want to feel like you are -- >> yes, you want them to feel like you a bird-like thing. >> and i put out snacks at home. >> and joe is getting it now, wow, you can really eat. okay. >> i think it is the opposite, i agree with you. you don't eat with someone that you like. >> and now the loyal fans. hoda is dressed up like me on the carnival cruise line and wept and surprised this woman. it is so fun that and off you go, and off you go,
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they celebrate a big milestone. i like your hat. >> look at how this hat fits. >> yours is too big. and watch me try to put this one on my head. let me see this one. look it. i am not kidding like this does not -- my -- my head is huge. oh, no. oh, god. anyway, we are going to be celebrating the milestones around, and soy hit the high seas to give one deserving mom a fun, fun surprise. >> this is great. >> a three-day carnivale cruise from miami to the bahamas and the perfect place to celebrate a birthday and the last place that you'd find me hours after a live broadcast from new york. ready. okay. here we go. but first, a little about the lucky lady behind this door.
10:13 am
room when you meet her. she is comical. everybody who meets her just loves her. >> she doesn't know a stranger. she would give you the shirt off of her back. >> she worked on an assembly line at general motors for 30 years and worked around the clock to put her three daughters through college and grad school. >> she is always doing for others, and nobody does for her. >> and cathy is going on the cruise with her daughter buffy and she has no idea that her two other kids africa and torii are coming, too. so our crack camera crew wires the room with a half doz enen letters and letter that says, quote, a cru director will be stopping by to say hello. >> mom watches "today" show everyday theand e hoda is her favorite.
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back to the cabin before they board and check her out, she is already partying. they distractor her before my julie mccoy on, and it is go-time. >> oh, they did. >> she opens up the door and realizes who it is, they are going to be running from everywhere to see who died, because she is going to be screaming so loud. >> oh, this is huge. catherine and buffy, welcome aboard, and we want to let you know that the cruise director is going to be stoppinb >h go. >> okay. well, let's stay here for a minute. >> all right. >> go check it out. >> i got it. >> hi. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! [ laughter ] oh, hoda, ho dd hoda kotb! jesus! i i'm going to be having a heart
10:15 am
attack. jesus. ts is, oh, my god. oh, e jesus! >> happy birthday. happy birthday. >> no. >> she is going to cry. >> you know who did it? >> buffy. >> buffy did it. >> i can't believe it. you are such a pretty girl. >> all right. it is your birthday and we have a bunch of surprises for you. >> no, you don't! >> one of the first things that we want to do is a wine tasting. you don't like wine, do you? >> i like the shard nay, but you like the red, i know. >> and buffy is the best. is she your only daughter. >> no, i have two other girls, but they couldn't come. >> so, you have buffy? >> yes. >> and so after a near heart attack, we let kathy catch her breath for phase two. >> and so now, here you have to swish it around and taste it. isn't that better? >> that is delicious. >> we need something sweet.
10:16 am
>> okay. >> we have something sweeter. turn around. >> oh! [ laughter ] oh, god! [ laughter ] >> there is a rumor that your mom likes to the sing. >> oh, yes, the karaoke queen. >> oh, wow. and the karaoke seems too small for cathy. >> she is not sure, but this is the headliner, cathy. let's give them something to talk about and let's give them something to talk about >> she brings so much joy. i am thankful to be her daughter. >> nobody ever said thank you the. i just want to say thank you.
10:17 am
>> oh, i hope this birthday never ends. oh! >> how about cathy. >> she is so precious. her reakctions are priceless. you could not script them like that. >> and we let the family go on with the cruise as we went off. >> i am sure that everybody at carnivale treat ded you great. >> yes, they were great. >> and they are great. >> and we had so much fun. is kathie lee in the closet? is she over there? >> when kathie lee comes out of the closet, you are going to know it. just waiting, just waiting. timing is everything. ba bum bum. >> and tomorrow, it is fun and will crash a wedding. >> you are the best, best, best. >> and look chic whi you are thinking it. lilliana has the newest style.
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here sis the question. do you have drafty windows? >> nup of your business. are moths eating through your sweaters? >> well, if you have a problem around the house, ask lou. >> the man of the house smarts. lou manfredini and he has a name that rhymes with tetrazini >> you have the nice swing there. >> and what do you do with the weather stripping the windows. >> when the weather is cold, and people say that the windows are drafty, and you know what the number one problem with windows? they don't lock them. with the weather stripping in a double window there, this one does not have a lock, because it
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is a prop, but when you put it down and throw the locks you will seal the weather strippingp. you can, however, buy the self-adhesive weather stripping that i have ap lie ed tod to -- applied to the bottom of the weather weather stripping applyied tohb t window. so you can go right over the top, and then drop the window down theand it is going to help seal it. there is a window prop there, and then lock the win doeshg and you are good >t is a good feeling. >> and if you have noticed draft, this is a piece of clay. you can place ito the window to seal in the drafts around the windows, and you will be warmer, and lower your bills. this is pennies to do. >> and nouw, david from san jose, california, would like to know more ot heavy duty felt pads that you can use to not scratch up the floors.
10:23 am
>> well, the self-adhesive pads don't work. >> well, for a little while, but not. >> and you know, when women are in high heels and the pressure on it -- >> you watch it. >> and not you ladies of course. and this little piece has a ring like a wea that is actually a nail. you want to buy these and go over the top, and center it, one shot, and you are going to be -- well, you will get a set and the whole point is that now with the wood only, if it is another material, there are these that have screw ss in it, and you may have to predrill if it is metal, but this, if you have the hardwood floors, or you are going to be ruining them. you will. >> and now, our friend from new jersey has moths eating up the sweaters. >> this superher? >> yes, and it is not the moths that eat the -- it is the larvae, the little bitty guy ss. >> because they are not getting food from the mommy. >> they want to grow.
10:24 am
so you have to wash your sweaters in hot water or he professionally dried cleaned so they are completely clean before they work. and people say moth balls work, but they stink. so when you put them to a away in the spring, these thinga amazing. and now, in the last set, they don't like them, because you can't stack them. you have to fell them up well. but in the zip lock bags, you can put a bunch of stuff here, and the "today" show uses them to store stuff, and you use the vacuum cleaner to suck a waiway the air. >> they cannot eat through the plastic plastic? >> no, they cannot. thank you, lomarn >oa eoo lo to and click the connect button. and we are celebrating today with a game of "who thanks to, i'm making a lot of wishes come true this holiday. yeah, you scored girlfriend! we scored, with low monthly payments.
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it is is winesday wednesday and ready for the trivia game called "who knew? u "and it is 20 years since woody and buzz light year hit the big screen so we will celebrate that and test your knowledge of popular toys. kathie lee is across the street to hand out $1,100 for the winners and if they don't, they get a signed -- >> cd by me. >> and now, joined me is brian who is here to helpp us from pop culture culture. >> which iconic toy did no ae "toy story" film? mr. potato head, barbie or slinky dog. >> barbie.
10:27 am
>> well shgs, ma tell was not interested in the first one and witohaitwd, barbie did appear many as part of the ensemble as barbie and then in the third one, barbie was a lead character. so there you have it. history. >> and kath, back over to you. >> and before it was a popular children's toy, the material in playdough was sold as what? >> adhesive. >> no. >> by the way, great guess. >> but she gets a fantastic children's album. >> and it was a paper clip? >> well, the educator said to the inventor once, my kid can't manipulate clay that easily, and so they said hey, this wall cleaner is pliable, and the kids loved it and started to sell it at education convention, and here we are. >> all right. kath, over to you. >> fromwr 1952, this
10:28 am
appear in a television commercial -- g.i. joe, mr. potato head or lego. >> g.i. joe. >> no, no, she gets a a great lullaby album, and so everybody wins. >> it is our own mr. potato head. sglit was originally mrketed to get kids to eat their vegetables vegetables, and we have a commercial, and by the way, that is disturbing, and this is how i look in the morning. that about an hour ago before i got to hair and makeup. so they started to offer them in cereal boxes, and somebody said, add a fake head and it is not so disturb ing disturbing. hit since. >> okay. beua s cuteness what is the guinness world records time for solving a rubik's cube, 5.25 seconds or 5.25 seconds or -- >> 5.25 seconds.
10:29 am
that is amazing. 5.25 seconds? >> yes. there are people call ded the speed cubers and collin burns won it in doylestown, pennsylvania, but i don't know how you do it. but he did it, and congratulations to him. >> and time for one more. >> another cute one from pennsylvania. which of these rla crayon color? tropical rain forest, macaroni and cheese or purple rain? >> macaroni and cheese. >> no, you get a lullaby album. >> macaroni and cheese was submitted bay 6-year-old and won and now an orangey yellow and who can think of a cuter color, so it is purple rain is not a color. >> thank you, brian. and coming up in timf
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ask your doctor about xarelto . one week from tomorrow we will be gathered around the table to give thanks for all of the blessings in our lives. >> and yes, while the picture is perfect, the drama around it may be messy. >> so whether you have a table texter, or a guest who doesn't
10:35 am
the ed get himself, and we love this guy, mr. manners, thomas farley. >> hi, thomas. >> good morning. >> and this sis the crack staff that we have invited to the party. >> even though we don't like some of them. >> we especially don't like absent albert, and that is a know show down there and that is his chair next to terrence. what do you do with a no-show. >> and we all know how the holidays can be stressful for everyone, and why is he not here? worry d worried about the old family rivalries or se wonderful opportunity to go skiing. >> so he withdrew, because he did didn't let you know. >> and if he didn't let you knowt as, simply can't make it, don't lay a guilt trip on him. >> and what about the texting terrence is there on the end sitting on the phone. and terrence, what are you doing? >> i am texting my friend. >> what do you do with somebody like terrence. >> who is so rude. >> i know. >> and a couple of thing ss. first of all, i would like to
10:36 am
the know who te texting so much. >> that friend. >> maybe the friend should be here at the dinner so they are not texti ot, but here talking to each other. >> and you are a texter? how do you deal with it? >> for starters, before the meal, you want to give him platters to be passing around and give him something to do with the hands besides holding his phone. >> oh, wait a minute. >> and nouw, let's move on to the vegan val sitting there. and val. >> i can't eat any of this. >> why not, val? >> because i am a vegan. >> and so are you enjoying the roll. >> i can't even eat this roll. >> what do you want to do with vegan val. >> why did you invite her? >> and party killer. the key is that any time you are hosting, you want to the have a something that the guests can
10:37 am
down a vegetarian casserole. >> can you eat nuts? >> i think. >> and so you will vhave a vegetarian options, and those who can't eat gluten and if somebody says, i only eat himalayan berries, then you say, oh, i wish you would bring some. >> and if there is a salt shaker between cath -- kath and you, should i do that? >> well, the salt and the pepper are together and never separate. pass them together. they don't like to be broken up. they like to stay together. >> they mate for life. >> true love. >> and look at dor ra, and we call her door buster dor ra, and she wants to be somewhere else. looking at the the watch. >> and what is the deal? >> well, black friday sales
10:38 am
the gifts are not going to show up themselves. >> so why tid you come? >> mappers. >> well, first, we hope that you are going to be shopping for us. and you never want to force somebody at the gaer inning, if they don't want to be there, let the person go. however, she is not going to be getting the goodie bag with desserts because she can't stick around. you won't ruin your serving schedule to accommodate eher. >> and what about party paul. he has not stopped drinking. >> and who loved that stuff? >> and do you know how much you are drinking, paul? >> come up for air, paul. >> and there sis the good drunk, and the bad one, and the -- >> and the affectionate one. >> and the key is that he is not insulting people or becoming abnoxious, and bringing some levity to the party, but make certain that he has the keys there there, and if he steps over the
10:39 am
line, and paul, you owa thlitare? >> obviously not. >> and we will observe those limits, and make sure that he doesn't go the to excess. >> how about we let him drive her home. a little joke. it is a joke. >> it was a joke. joke. >> and coming up, he has been rocking rockefeller center all morning long.
10:40 am
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thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go.
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justin bieber is back with new music and a great new tour and he has been putting out his new music all morning long. >> and his new song is "what do you mean"?
10:44 am
you're making me sad trying to make up your heart and don't know if you are happy when you are complaining and where do i start do you want to go to the left but i turn right when i argue all day and love all night and first you up and then you are down and in between and all i really waunt to know what do you mean hey yay when you nod your head yes but you want to say no what do you mean hey yeah yeah you worry the most and tell me what do you mean
10:45 am
you are running out of time what do you mean oh oh oh what do you mean? better make up your mind what do you mean you are overprotective when i'm leaving trying to compromise but i can't win you want to make the point but you keep preaching you had me from the start won't let this end and first you want to go to the left then you turn right when i argue all day and make love all night and then put it all down in between all i really want to know what do you mean hey yay when you nod your head yes but you want to say no what do you mean hey yay yay when you don't want me to move tell me the stop
10:46 am
oh what do you mean might not sound like but what do you mean? you need to make up your mind what do you mean hey yay yay you nod your head yes but you want to say no what do you mean hey yay yay you don't want me to move tell me to go what do you mean oh what do you mean you might not know what do you mean you better make up your mind smoid what can what do you mean and lilliana wrapped in the
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they are one of the hottest trends this fall, and there is a good news that there is a style for everybody's body type. >> and our girl lilliana vazquez is going to show you how to wear them in styles that are chic. >> and they are looks for luxe for less. >> and there rare a few rules to wear them. because when you see these, y y y are shapeless. and starting with rejime, this is beautiful. it is two looks in one. she draped it over the shoulder. >> and right, she might get cold on a cold day, but this is mixed with the prints, and fashion
10:50 am
forward and cute and under $50. megan here, and women say, you won't see my waist, so what can you do? you can belt it over, which is a wide belt and no skinny belt. and reversible as well from nordstrom, and then last but not least, this is how you layer it over a coat. because sometimes you don't want to layer it under. >> ri. d this is from and also will under $50 and these are three ways to incorporate it in into your style. >> and her legs are going te co yes, and those are the ripped jeans for now and not later. >> yes. great stuff, lilliana. thank you, honey. tomorrow, seth rogen is going to stop by with a raunchy christmas movie. >> and we will have the makeover ladies. >> and everybody has a story winner. and her next party crash. >> yes, it is tomorrow on winesday wednesday.
10:51 am
wednesday and tomorrow isgood morning, i'm brooke bouma.... police say 3 men broke into a des moines family's apartment... and attacked. investigators say the men kicked in the front door of the apartment along8th street. and started demanding drugs. the suspects took off before officers arrived... and police are still looking for them. another republican has stepped out of the 20-16 presidential race... bobby jindal is the third to end his candidacy...
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